Face Masks...FAQ

Face Masks. Social distancing.

Who would've pictured that this would be something we now need to go into the store, or even head back to work?

Over the past month, we've sewed and shipped nearly 1,500 masks to folks around the country: California, New York, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Washington, Colorado, Florida. To name a few.

 Shop ribbed masks here: https://shebloom.com/collections/face-mask/products/cotton-double-layer-face-mask

We're new to mask design, but we've given it our best shot, and have used playful fabrics we had on hand to meet the urgent demand.

While having a little color fun with it.


 Shop tie on masks here: https://shebloom.com/collections/face-mask/products/tie-on-cotton-double-layer-face-mask-ribbed-style

We recently added protective hair coverings, a.k.a. scrub caps, to our mix to coordinate with the masks. These are great for not only nurses, but anyone who wants to keep their hair back and covered, such as restaurant workers, caregivers, etc.

Shop Scrub Caps here: https://shebloom.com/collections/face-mask/products/pink-floral-mask-scrub-cap-set

We want to help you pick the right mask, so we've compiled a short list of tips and Q&A's that have come up to make picking easy.

Q: What are SheBloom face masks made with?

A: Our 3-layer masks are made with 100% washable cotton. They have two layers of cotton, and 1 layer of a fusible interface liner.



Shop Shield Style masks here: https://shebloom.com/collections/face-mask/products/cotton-double-layer-face-mask-shield-style

Q: What sizes are SheBloom face masks available in?

A. We offer male & female adult, teen and child masks for ages 3-11. We do not recommend masks for infants as they may pose safety risks.

Q: Do you offer elastic or tie on masks?

A. Yes, we sell both styles.

Q. What are the pros and cons of elastic vs. tie-on masks?

A. This is most frequent question we get. There are pros and cons to both.

As far as elastic, these are great to quickly put on and head into the store. The elastic wraps around your ears. We try to get the elastic sized to have enough stretch to not pull on your ears and bother them, but so it stays in place. That said, there are many different size & shapes of heads, and although we make them for the average size person,  some folks may experience a snugger fit.

As far as tie-on, these masks are made to be adjustable simply because you can tie them tighter or looser on the head. The tie-on masks are convenient for when you're wearing them for prolonged periods because you can pull them down to loosely hang around your neck if you need to expose your mouth. Then, you can slide the masks back up. You don't have to worry about where you put the mask, because it's tied to you. The tricky part of the tie-on, though, is making sure your hair doesn't get stuck in the bows.

Q: How do I care for my mask?

A. Our SheBloom masks are washable. We suggested machine wash cold or warm and line dry. We do not recommend heat. The masks will likely shrink because they are 100% cotton.

Q. Tell me about the scrub caps. What are they made with & what sizes do they come in?

A. Our scrub caps are made with 100% cotton and have stretchy adjustable ties. They are one size fits most. You can slide the cap on your head, tuck your hair in and tie a bow in the back. The caps are machine washable, warm or cold, line dry.



Q. I need to order 50-100 masks for my workplace or charity. Can you fulfill that? How long does it take?

A. Yes we can! We are currently still stocked with enough inventory to fulfill bulk orders with 5 business days. Please e-mail jen@shebloom.com for further questions.


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