Pillows are probably one of my most favorite things. I've always loved sinking into them, plumping and chopping them, and mix and matching them.

They're definitely a creature comfort. Don't you think?


SheBloom Home Authentic African Mud Cloth and Vintage Indigo Pillows


Now that I'm sewing them to sell on www.shebloom.com I'm finding some tricks to make them even more cozy, and I wanted to share them with you.

Let's start with picking the right pillow insert for your cover.

The rule of thumb is that it's always best to choose an insert that's 1-2 inches bigger than your cover size.

That way when you put the insert into the cover, the insert will fill the space nicely and plump in all the right places without leaving saggy, flat fabric edges.






Our Shebloom Home pillows are sewn to fit the fill size that's suggested. So our 26x26 pillow covers fit a 26x26 insert because we've sewn our covers slightly smaller so the fill fits perfectly.

The same goes for our 20x20 fill pillow covers--they fit a 20x20 fill perfect because we've sewn the covers to about 19" wide.

Our 16x26 covers, though, are sewn at true 16x26 to fit that fill size.

Keep in mind that I suggest using a feather or down insert with our covers to give a comfy, sink-in look and feel. There is always a bit more play with a feather insert because the feathers compact and need to be fluffed unlike a polyester fill, which is more firm and holds its shape.

Now comes the fun part.

Stuffing the bigger fill into the slightly smaller cover.

I've been known to rip a zipper or two trying to smash my fill into a cover without much success.

That's until I found this trick.


Step 1

Get your feather pillow insert and lay it flat. Lean forward on it and push out the air in the pillow.

Here is our vintage indigo and linen cover with our 26x26 fill.





Step 2

Using your forearm, press down in the center of the pillow and create a crease while pushing all the air out.



Step 3

Make yourself a giant pillow taco and hold the center of the taco. Again, keep pressing all the air out of the pillow. Once deflated, hold the center of the taco, and keep a good grip.




Step 4

Insert the taco into the cover. Once inside, lower one side of the pillow and fluff it to the corners of the pillow case. Then, lower the second half of the pillow and fluff that side out.




Step 5

Stand your pillow up and zipper it closed.





Step 6

Fluff your pillow, and chop the center to give it that comfy, worn in feel.

The karate chop is by far my favorite part.






I hope you find some of this pillow talk useful in sprucing up your couch. If you have any other pillow tips I'd love to hear. Please comment below.


Blessings,  Jen Zerrer



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I have the same question


Hi! Is there any tricks to stopping the pillow inserts from twisting around and getting mangled inside the the pillow cover after time? The pillow insert is definitely oversized compared to the cover I’m asking about. I was wondering if there is anything that I could spray or attach to the insert that would stop this from happening.