Our Story

Meet the Owners
We are Tony and Jen Zerrer.
I guess you can call us the dreamers, the doers, the believers in getting your hands dirty and your hearts full. I started this business 13 years ago designing little girls' clothes, called SheBloom, a brand that believes in blooming ideas, blooming little babes and budding possibilities. I was a full-time retail business reporter at the time, keeping my creative hands busy while raising three little babes.
My husband Tony, a full-time math teacher, tackled all things tech.
We're now called Bloom & Co.
And since evolved into a home decor & design business. It includes a curated collection of pillows we sew in California and DIY flower workshops.
We have 2 locations.
In CA, we do vintage pop up markets & backyard classes.
In TX, 
we have a flagship Bloom & Co. Shop on the Square in Fayetteville. Every week we have farm fresh flowers delivered & are minutes from the big Round Top Antique Show. Plus the shop is walking distance to our 1895 farmhouse Airbnb we call The Bloom Inn. 
We bought the farmhouse 4 years ago without ever walking inside. After all, We love cozy vintage style & a good remodel. 
  And we really love being amongst fellow vintage hunters & creators. 
At Bloom & Co. we regularly hold DIY workshops where women gather to create. 
We hope you'll come visit us someday!
Thanks for stopping by!
Jen Zerrer