Sometimes all it takes is just one accent pillow to change the feel of the room.

Especially the bedroom.

 Pictured: Photo courtesy of Driftwood Interior Co. Featuring SheBloom Mudstard Boho Flower pillows.

Crisp bedding & the right accent pillows create an easy and beautiful focal point.

It all depends on how you put it together.

To help take the guesswork out of it, I've put together a little 101 guide on choosing the right size and style pillow for your bed.

You've got options, depending on the size mattress in the room.

Let's start with a twin.

I like to keep this size simple. I've got twins in the upstairs of our 1895 TX farmhouse Airbnb rental The Bloom Inn and a twin mattress for my youngest son Presley at our house. I keep a max of two accent pillows on a twin bed so my guests don't  have the hassle of having to remove them each night. In my son's case, it's to avoid him just tossing them to the floor.

Pictured: SheBloom XL lumbar Vintage Indigo Stripe

Choices, choices.

In front of a standard size pillow, I like to layer:

Twin Options:

Option A: One lumbar (16x26 or 16x34)

Option B: One 26x26 and one 16x26

Option C: One 20x20.

Moving onto the a full size. Since the mattress is a bit bigger you have a little more wiggle room--if you want it. Sometimes, it's cleaner just to keep it as simple as a twin.

Pictured: SheBloom Authentic Mudcloth Mustard Triangle.

In front of two standard size pillows, I like to layer:

Full size options:

Option A: One 20x20

Option B: Two 20x20s

Option C: One XL lumbar 16x34

Option D: One 26x26 and one 20x20 in front.


 Pictured: SheBloom European Grain Sack Red Stripe.

 Now the king and queen.

I am a bit guilty of loving the layered look on the bigger size beds. And designers who use our SheBloom pillows in their projects do an excellent job of that. Like Brittani Nicole Cummings at Lennar Homes, who used our authentic X mudcloth in her last project, pictured below.


Pictured: Accent pillows SheBloom Home Black and White X with Dot

 Options for a king or queen:

Option A: Two or three 26x26 in back with two lumbar 16x26 in front.

Option B:  Three 26x26 in back with two 20x20 in front.

Option C: Three 26x26 in back, two 20x20 in front and one 16x26 in front of that.

Option D: Three 26x26 and one XL lumbar 16x34 in front.

Driftwood Interiors Co. also did an amazing job layering in SheBloom Home pillows into a queen size bed for her latest project (see photo below).

Pictured: SheBloom Solid Cream Authentic Mudcloth, SheBloom Indigo Square (sold out) and SheBloom Mustard Tassel Lumbar.

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