If you're like me you probably have some extra containers hanging around the house.


Vases, pots, bowls, cups.

Things that you've used before but now just don't have a real need.

Instead of just letting them collect dust repurpose them into creative plant holders.


It's easy.

I was recently cleaning out and came across a batch of vintage silver pitchers and bowls that had badly tarnished. I realized they'd be fabulous with a planted arrangement.

So, I clipped some succulents from my garden and used the clippings to create interesting garden pots with a few easy steps.

First, clip the succulents you already have growing in the garden. Succulents are very hardy and will reroot and create a new plant. You can also use new plants if you don't have any succulents to grab from.

Next, put small pebbles on the bottom of your container. That way it will help drainage and prevent water from pooling on the roots of the plant & rotting them.

After add soil and plant the clippings. Water 1-2 times per week by misting the top of the plant with water. You do not need to drench the plant and soak it to the point of water brimming from the container.

You're done. Repurposing really is that simple.

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